Binding Love Spells - Long Post (this post will offend some people)

I decided to put the message out here because writing it on FB, freaks people out. I've been longing to continue the conversation about mental issues and spirituality but dive a little deeper because we fucking need to talk about it. 
Especially when we're dealing with muthafuckas that do dark magic on people that doesn't want anything to do with them. 
Like I wrote in my previous post, the line between spirituality and mental illness. It's so thin that sometimes, you don't know which is what and sometimes, being a crazy fuck is spiritual! 
But one thing I do know for sure, is that love and binding spells is dark magic. In fact, doing spells on someone or some people because of jealousy, co-dependency, anger, anything in that nature is dark magic! 
I don't give a fuck if he or she hurt you by cheating on you. I don't give a flying fuck if you weren't their type and you "heard" or your tarot decks "said" that they're the one for you. 
Fuck you!
Be happy. 
Find someone who respects you and your boundaries but mothafuckas up in this bitch trying to change a person because they can't let go of that illusion that themselves have created in their head. 
They'll use any tactics that they can find to keep that person bound to them. 
I am disgusted by people who do dark magic on innocent people. Like who the fuck do you think you are, messing with someone's free will? 
And the thing is, the majority of people who do dark magic SHOULD be diagnosed with erotomanic delusional disorder because they can't tell what's real and what's not real. 
I'm going to stop cursing because this is a serious topic and I really do want people to open their eyes when it comes to their relationships with certain type of people. 
Erotomania can be linked to narcissism, psychopathy, paranoia and machiavellism but it's mostly a form of paranoic delusion, where the person who suffers from erotomania, thinks that their love interest is also in love with them. Even though all the facts points to the opposite. 
I, myself, linked erotomania to narcissism and psychopathy because of my own experiences with not one erotomaniac but two, has showed similar symptoms as narcissism and psychopathy. 
One of the symptoms is that erotomaniacs, narcissists and psychopaths feels that they're entitled to your entire life. 
They'll force you to submit to their illusion of you, that they've created in their head and if you don't, they'll feel like they have a right to punish you. 
The punishment can be deadly. 
If you ever hear some crazy muthafucka say "if I can't have you, no one can..." 
Bitch, run far the fuck away from that person! 
Erotomania may be a symptom of a psychiatric disorder such as schizophrenia, bipolar, alzeheimer's ect. 
The scary thing about erotomaniacs is that anything you write on social media or do in real life, they'll think it's a coded message to them in some type of way. 
And I don't mean that those situations where you know that a person might write something about you on social media because they've said that they have feelings for you. I'm talking about those situations where the erotomaniac has never had a conversation with you, offline or online, or where you've firmly said that you're not interested in them in any romantic way but these mothafuckas won't get the message either way because they're literally delusional! 
I mean, we've all been behaving a little "erotomanic" in our lives but we know when to fucking move on. 
If you wanna learn more about this disorder, click on this link: because I need to move on. 
Two of my stalkers are erotomaniacs and both of them used dark magic on me, well tried at least and when they realized that I have a strong spiritual connection, they influenced other energies. 
But let's talk about what dark magic is. I really want to learn how to write and say evil instead of dark but saying the word evil sounds so corny. I don't know why. I really don't! 
Dark magic is manipulation of energy in use of harming another creature and/or restricting them from using their free will. 
I will not post anything at all about how to use dark magic because I don't know everyone who reads my blog, is going to use these methods to harm another individual and I don't want any parts of that. 
In the name of the Holy Spirit! I want NO parts of that shit! 
Don't even feel like writing about the spells that these two mothafuckas used but I'll write about how it affected me and my life. 
One dude, the one that has stalked and harassed me, my friends and my family for over 10 years (it's been reported to the authorities and I even got a confession out of him on email), used something called binding love spell and a break-up spell and those are used to restrict the person from finding a love relationship, repel love interests from them and/or only attracts similar people as the cast speller and/or sexually abusive people. 
What I've learned about male erotomaniacs from the experiences that I've had with them, is that they're either a sexual predator, an incel with a very hostile view and opinions about women, sexually abused as a child, have severe mother issued because they've been abandoned by their mother in someway, severe pornographic addiction (because they're a virgin or haven't had many sexual partners), in-the-closet-gay/bisexual/transgendered and they're letting out their sexual frustration on people, mostly women with a heavy background, by having role play sex that includes rape and perversion. 
When it comes to female erotomaniacs, well I'll talk about the women who calls themselves witches and let me emphasize that not all witches do this in facts, the ones that DON'T do this, are called wiccans. This is a personal thing so...
But when it comes to female erotomaniacs, most of them don't have father issues. I think it's just the feeling of being rejected because of their appearances, social status, jealousy, anger or whatever in that line. 
Female erotomaniacs who aren't witches, are most likely to seek a dark magic practitioner who are more than willing to do it for a fee. 
How male erotomaniacs begins to use dark magic against their target, is usually suggested by a female in their surroundings. It's usually a female relative. 
You're probably wondering why a relative would suggest doing dark magic on a person that they know nothing about? 
Hmm...well, I can't speak for every culture and I don't know how every african household works but I was born and raised in Sweden, and was surrounded by many different cultures. From chinese culture to arabic culture to latin american culture, and something I've noticed was, that we would and still do ANYTHING for the sake of the family. 
Unfortunately, people in these cultures takes traditions too far and dark shit because of the honor of the family. 
To answer the question above, read this post I wrote a while back: and focus on the part where I wrote about Kang Tae-Joon's mother, Oh Man-Jung. She goes to a psychic who tells her that she will have fortunate through her son, if he marries a particular girl. This girl is abundant in every way so the psychic tells the mother to stick to her son like a leech if she wants fortunate. 
I kid you not, I tried resoning with the second erotomanic through his sister, who I used to fuck with but after trying to explain to her that her brother was bothering me, I kinda understood why he is so messed up. 
I feel so bad! Like really, fucking sympathetic with his wife (a fellow cancerian) because this dude, contacted me during the same week he was marrying this girl and even wanted to come and see me THAT week. 
That's one of the reasons why I contacted his sister to let her know what was going on because I'm all about WOMEN EMPOWERMENT and I'll cut a dick or two if I find out if a nigga that's trynna talk to me is in a committed relationship or is married. I WILL tell your girlfriend/wife and I have in the past and will continue to do so in the future. 
People who cheat deserves everything bad in their life until they're genuinely sorry for being an asshole to their spouse and the people they've hurt.
Y'all know what his sistersaid that made me block her ass?! 
"Maybe he loves you more than his wife. I mean they fight all the time and he sees you as his best friend anyways!" 
I was sitting there with my mouth opened and asked her what she would've done if she found out that her husband was trying to cheat on her. No respond. 
Like I've written before, female toxicity is freaking dangerous! 
The sister of the second erotomaniac is an example of those relatives who would guide someone into doing dark magic on a person. 
I've seen that shit happen to my own father and I, honestly, don't feel bad for him because that's his karma for what he did to my mother and the mothers of my half-siblings. He used to be an real abusive monster towards women. 
BUT I warned him about his current wife. I literally said to him that I don't like her and I was in 2nd grade. Boy, did she ruin his life! 
Mama, papa! Like I wrote on FB post, LISTEN to your child-ren when they speak about people because God speaks through children when danger is near. 
I can't stress this enough. 
A relative of mine in Belgium, told me that people saw my father being taken to a "temple" that is known to do dark magic and that's when I knew. 
There's another reason to why my father and many other men are abusive. I know this is going to sound soo fucking controversial and it's going to piss A LOT of women off, and I'm so sorry if it does. I really am because I'm against domestic abuse in any shape or form. 
Let me repeat the above words: female toxicity is fucking dangerous because if someone around you, suddenly changes. Like their personality changes like lamp switch, it's more than likey they're under some dark magic spell. 
If that person used to be free as a bird, social, ambitious, healthy ect and "all of the sudden" they switch to the opposite. It's more than likely that they've been put under a love binding spell by someone. 
I want to empasize that it could also be that something or someone has triggered a psychosis in that person. Like I wrote above and in my previous post; the line between spirituality and mental illness is very, very thin! 
Another thing to have in mind, is the affects of the planets.
For example, if the person will go through a saturn return then it's more likely NOT some dark magic spell that's influencing the person because a saturn return is something we would call a mid life crisis. 
That's why it's very important for us who do spiritual work, to interpret the natal chart of the person who is suspected to be under the influence of dark magic. 
Most of the times, the person is going throug a really tough transit that's affecting his or her mental state of mind and to tell that person that she or he is under the influence of dark magic will most likely trigger a psychosis that could lead to suicide! 
But if it's not a bad aspect or the planets, then let's continue the discussion, shall we? 
Like I wrote above, what I'm about to write WILL trigger some people reading this and I'm so sorry but I gotta give y'all some truths about what some people are willing to do in the name of love. 
What I've noticed with men being under a binding love spell, is that they become like a dog on a leash. From being an alpha male to a dog on a leash and no shaming on dogs! I love fucking love dogs. More than men actually! 
It's the same with women who's under a binding love spell but there's one thing that mostly men in these circumstances are more physically capable of doing and that's when these men's soul and Higher Self are fighting to get out of bondage, they will physically fight the person who is responsible for binding love spell. Man or woman. Doesn't matter! 
Even though their physical self have no fucking idea of what's going on. Something or someone takes over their body and they will fight the person and the entities. 
There will be non-stop arguing in the house/apartment. 
For women, under these circumstances, their appareances starts to drastically change for the worse and they stop socializing with men. From my own experiences and other women's experiences, is that it's much harder to put a love binding spell on a woman so in order for the spell to be successful, the erotomaniacs and their flying monkeys, needs to start isolate their target from their social life by manipulating and gaslighting them. 
These psychopaths, yes psychopaths, knows that to be able to break a woman down mentally and emotionally, is start with her appearance and comparing her to other women, and/or by first hoovering her and then gaslight her. 
Manipulation and gaslighting are different forms of dark magic to control another person mental state. 
It puts these people into a mental fog where they can't think straight and always questioning themselves, their reality and other people. 
And when they try to get out of that mental fog, they're in a mental conflict with these "voices" in their head, that reminds them of the abusive person/people. 
I'd like to personally compare being in a mental fog to being hypnotized because the psychopath puts you in a certain mental state (induction stage) during the hoovering that'll make you addicted to them. 
I will actually write about this in another post because it's freaking interesting!
How to break a spell: 
For me, I had so many people in my ear. It was like the Divine talking to me through them and even though, I was unsure because I was still in that mental fog where I didn't know what to believe when it came to these people, I still had a trait that many have tried to erase and even myself, that's my unwillingness to let people control me. 
I'm might be a something on a leash for a while but then my capricorn in moon, gemini in mercury and venus, are staring at me like I've lost my mind and I get reminded of who and what I am. 
But since we're dealing with people with severe mental issues who feels entitled to their actions and they will never change because they can't change. It's in their nature. 
They will constanstly try to pull you back in some way. I saw a reading by Divine Guidance Tarot Heather on Youtube, I LOVE her and she's so accurate with her readings, where she said that these type of people will try to pull one back in energetically through one's solar plexus and sacral chakra so it's very important to balance your chakra system by removing the energetic chords from these areas. 
I specialize in reiki healing and when I do reiki healing on myself and other people, I put my hands on the specific areas that I want to heal, visualizing that one or more archangels are "removing" the chords that doesn't belong to me, "taking" back my chords from energy vampires while re-pouring the energy from my hands to these specific area. 
If you're a woman and on your period, make sure that you start from your root chakra. Otherwise, the menstruationblood will increase. If however, you have irregular menstrual period, you can try and do reiki healing, and focus on your solar plexus and sacral chakra. 
It's not scientifically proven but it has worked for me. 
Another way of breaking a spell, is sleeping with affirmations
If you have persistant psychotics like my stalkers, then this is something that you probably must do for the rest of your life. Even the reiki healing sessions. 
Since spell work and mental abuse is to weaken your subconscious mind, we need to focus on strengthen it up again while healing the underlying issues as well. 
Abusers mostly go for people with a rich social life but has a unstable background and/or childhood and that's their way into your subconscious mind. Abusers are not idiots. They've been stalking and taking notes about your life long before they approach you. 
Abusers are not idiots. They're dangerous individuals, and they don't hesistate on hurting in any kind of way and unless you don't give a fuck about the consequences like me, then don't approach them. 
Go no contact when it comes to them. 
Get a restraining order. Pay some dudes/girls to beat them up. 
If, however, you don't give a fuck about the consequences, then do like me and plan your revenge, and do a bunch of reversals! 
Send back every dark magick shit that they've been sending your way. It'll be fun because you haven't use not one dark spell on these muthafuckas for years, and I mean years so imagine sending back every damn spell all at once? 
I know I preach heavily on letting Goddess Karma do the work but sometimes, you got let a nigga know not to mess with a bitch that can turn into a Kali Ma at any second. 
Some people be testing your peaceness and poking the fuck out of you. 
This beautiful woman is upfront about her relationship with her babydaddy and she admits to have done a binding love spell. 
But don't tell anyone when you're gonna do it though. Sometimes just letting them know that you're planning on doing something and then fall back and not doing anything, might just do the trick.
Ain't I right, mr sagittarius man?
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